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Develop optimal city level strategy

We help you to rapidly:

  • Understand the market potential for your brand in each of China’s 2000+ cities

  • In which cities do you have low market share and which cities should be your next target for entry

Using demographic data and the size and vibrancy of the retail market, we model the market potential in each city and can adapt it to any sector, from fast food to footwear.

Know which malls are the prioritized targets for your brand.

We help you to focus on the RELEVANT target venues for your brands

LocalGravity works with you to identify the other brands that indicate a given mall fits your consumer profile, then scores and ranks each retail venue based on its fit with your brand.

Your coverage gaps and opportunities. City reports and Deep-dive recommendations

The more site options you have, the better you can negotiate.

We can review and analyse your current store network, and provide recommendations and comments on which stores to keep, re-locate or close.

Considering your strategy of how many stores you want to open over the next year, LocalGravity’s comprehensive store network analysis delivers a ranked “Smart Growth Hit List” of 2 – 3 times as many suitable target sites as you plan to launch. We then help you implement it, ensuring your Real Estate team or franchise partners perform according to plan.

With more locations to choose from, this invaluable list gives you flexibility and bargaining power, as you come to the negotiating table armed with the information you need to strike the best deal. With a greatly reduced risk of taking or extending leases on weak sites, you’ll gain a strong reputation among landlords as a decisive, smart brand that knows what it wants and is quick to get it.

Use the past to predict the future.
Minimize chance, maximize sales potential.

When you invest in a new retail location, the key unknown is the sales it will generate, but with the right tools and data, you can assess that potential objectively and systematically.

Rely on LocalGravity’s knowledge and experience to analyse your brand performance, link it with our data on each store’s setting, and uncover the essential factors that drive successful performance. Objectively assess the potential of a new site with store scorecards and a sales forecast model, dramatically strengthening your chances for success in an increasingly competitive market.

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